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In Southern Massachusetts we're no strangers to heavy winters. We know that the winter can make good outerwear a necessity, whether you're outside shoveling, playing, or just walking to your car.

We consider keeping warm and dry to be essential for outdoor fun.We are constantly working with our vendors to provide the best clothing necessary to meet the demands of the great outdoors.

Here is a sampling of the outdoor gear you can find at Crossed Sabers...

  • Pick up a coat, jacket, or other winter clothes and accessories-by companies like Smart Wool, Turtle Fur, Helly Hansen, North Face, and Under Armour-that you just won't find at standard clothing stores.
  • Keep your extremities warm with SmartWool socks and Hotronic boot and hand warmers.
  • Tackle foot pain with the best insoles that Superfeet have to offer.
  • Get some Oakley sunglasses and bring the shade with you wherever you go.
  • Browse equipment from Tubbs, the top in snowshoe distribution.
  • Visit us for a wide selection of x-country gear so you can exlpore the winterland at a relaxed pace.
Diver's Market

Diver's Market

Crossed Sabers is proud to reccomend Plymouth's premier dive shop, Diver's Market for all your scuba needs. Diver's Market is well stocked with diving accessories and equipment, including wetsuits and hoods, waterproof bags and lights, and everything that you could need for an underwater adventure.

Click here to visit the official Diver's Market website >>>

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